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Our Philosophy

What Does Paladin Wealth Management Mean?

Pal-a-din means a strong, trusted leader; defender of a cause.
(Although some of you may remember Paladin on an old Western TV show, Have Gun – Will Travel)

We truly believe our purpose at Paladin Wealth Management is to be your trusted leader of your financial future, help you develop your financial strategy and to make sure you stay on the best path for your goals. We are focused on your individual needs. Placing your best interests first. We have remained true to this philosophy that trust, honesty and integrity are key to building a strong financial foundation for our clients. This approach has benefited our clients, and we can offer this same personalized service and independent guidance to you. At Paladin Wealth Management, we will guide you through your financial future with honesty and integrity.

With each client, we always make sure it is a good FIT for everyone involved. The term FIT is used very casually today but this is an integral part of our philosophy at Paladin Wealth Management. In each Introductory Meeting, no decisions will be made about working with each other nor will any paperwork be signed. EVER! We all take a few days after this meeting to think about whether we feel there would be a good FIT and want to work together for the long term. You need to make sure that we can provide what you are looking for and to look at our investment philosophy and approach. We will consider if you are a good fit with the rest of our clients and if we can provide what you are looking for to help achieve your goals. We even need to see if we like each other enough to want to work together for the long term.

We take a proactive approach but this is not one-sided. We ask that you remain an active participant along every step of the journey. If you change jobs, we will expect you to let us know for example. We take a big picture view of your life and goals. Once we discuss this and determine your goals, we will review all relative financial matters including investments, insurance needs, careers and many other areas. We want to make sure all areas of your life are covered. We use a concept called Critical Financial Events. Critical Financial Events are anything and everything that pertains to and affects your finances, either now or in the future. It could be retiring, legacy planning, education planning, charitable giving, etc. Critical Financial Events are sometimes predictable and planned but our experience is that they are more often random. They can have a profound impact on your future. Your life will have its own pattern. You will be much happier and have greater peace of mind if you have planned for the different possible events that can occur.

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